Oct. 25 Local Authors Scene Gathering – Prince William Co Poet Laureate Robert Scott, Alexandria

The next Local Authors Scene gathering is at the John Marshall Library 6209 Rose Hill Dr, Alexandria, VA, Sat. Oct. 25 1-3pm. Our guest speaker will be Robert Scott, Poet Laureate of Prince William County. Rumor is that he’s quite a comedian!

We’re encouraging ALL booklovers in the DC area to join us, so invite six (or more!) of your DC/Virginia/Maryland colleagues by sending them this link: http://CrowdPublish.TV/localauthorscene.

Even if you don’t live in the DC metro area, PLEASE POST all your BOOK-RELATED EVENTS at http://CrowdPublish.TV/events. These events will be shown on your personal Calendar page on your CrowdPublish.TV booklover site.

Our Nov/Dec gathering will be a holiday party, most likely the first or second week of December at the Nature Center in Reston, same place as last year. It will be a pot-luck and members of the NoVA Writers Club will give 5 minute readings from their work.

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Washington Post turns into Amazon.com

Some people are baffled by the purchase of the Post by Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon.com, wondering why he’d buy a ‘sinking ship.’ But I don’t think the ship is sinking. The Post gets hundreds of thousands of eyeballs each day. As a resident of suburban Washington, DC, I see lots of people of all ages deeply interested in what the Post has to say and wanting to be involved in discussions of world news.

Bezos’s purchase highlights the blurred lines between what a ‘book’ is and what a ‘newspaper’ or any other reading and video material can be categorized as. And the lines will continue to blur until reading material is no longer defined by the medium on which it is delivered.

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Episode 1: Budget Justified (excerpt)

For more details about “Budget Justified,” the book & movie about working in FAA offices, see the Budget Justified web site.

Shot out of a second story window of Federal Agency Headquarters. Looking down, we see BARRY, a fifty-something government engineering manager in a suit, and JANE, a twenty-something professional-looking engineer, as they walk toward the entrance of the building.

Barry and Jane coming to work together? Glad I brought my camera.

…. As I wrote this, I imagined the parking garage at my former employer, an FAA contractor. Our building was in the suburbs where we had no contact with FAA employees. Management preferred it that way.

One morning as soon as one of my coworkers arrived at work, he came past my office and said, “I think your boss has a new girlfriend.”

This was a confusing statement to me. First of all, how would he have any information about my boss’s love life. Second of all, which boss was he referring to. It was a ‘matrixed’ organization. I had several project managers, I managed a project that was split into pieces and managed by other staff members, any of the supervisors in my department were allowed to ask me to work on something for them, and when my supervisor was unresponsive, his supervisors would come directly to me for support.

The most likely ‘boss,’ the one whom I talked to the most, was married. A quiet, decent man who didn’t go around harassing women.
It turned out that my coworker was indeed referring to my married boss. My coworker had seen Boss and one of his subordinates, a very ‘close friend’ of Boss, drive into work together that morning.

“You must be misinformed,” I told my coworker. Or maybe I said something more like, “What the hell are you talking about.”

In the weeks after that strange declaration of a new girlfriend, I noticed that Boss frequently snuck in and out of conference rooms, his office, and the entire building with his very close female ‘friend.’

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The Future of Empowerment is Your Story

In the future, we will have too many humans overpopulating the earth, resulting in the cessation of requests for grandchildren from nosy in-laws. Women will realize that children are not inevitable, freeing them to engage in creative non-mommy communities and spend their mental energies on entrepreneurial endeavors rather than on managing food and dirt.

Nanny Employers/Big Corporations will be eliminated as people develop entrepreneurial teams with competent colleagues. Technology will enable small teams to collaborate with each other and with other small teams without the administrative overhead of Nanny Employer.

Several of these teams will research and document the analogies between health insurance & taxes (forms of payment), and medical care & public education (societal necessities), then create a system where everyone gets adequate health care regardless of income. Thus eliminating the need for Nanny Employer to provide health ‘insurance.’ This may spawn a new form of ‘bottom-up government’ that overtakes and eventually abolishes Congress, the Executive Branch, and federal employees since the current system of Big Government and Big Corporation is woefully inefficient.

People in locations all over the world will gather in meetings as holograms, similar to meeting in person today. They will write white papers or books and give talks in these meetings to establish their expertise, recruit collaborators, and teach about their products. If nobody else creates the hologram meetings, I’ll do it. I’m already creating CrowdPublish.TV (the Future of Empowerment is Your Story (c)) to facilitate livestreaming talks while selling books.

When we work on our own self-organized groups, we’ll have the flexibility to work from wherever w​e want, whenever we want, communicating and collaborating through technology. This is not so we can hide women away in the home with children while the men go out and participate in society. This is so the men can stay home with children (if there are any to stay home with) so women can go out and participate in society.

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When women hide their online presence, the Terrorists/Stalkers win

This is an issue that came up last week in an athletic group I coach. One of the women didn’t want her name listed in the results on the web for fear of stalkers (I think fear of a particular stalker she has problems with, not just stalking that hasn’t happened yet). I don’t believe her reclusive behavior is the solution. When women hide, the terrorists/stalkers win. I’ve had my own web site since 1995, when I became a PhD student. What a career killer it must be to not have a LinkedIn page, not have your name on any technical publications, not allow yourself to be recognized as knowledgeable in your field on any professional association sites (this month’s talk will be given by Anonymous…).

My hypothesis is that many women hide themselves professionally for fear of stalking or assault. I hope someone does a study on that. And their fear is not unwarranted. I’m an outspoken professional in my community and either in spite of or because of that, I have been sexually assaulted in the workplace (BudgetJustified.com). Imagine if Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Carli Fiorini, Meg Whitman, etc. hid themselves from the public eye. If (when?) I ever get a stalker who is that bad, I’ll run for POTUS, I don’t care what party. I’d get a security detail, plus shine a light on the problem of women’s safety in society.

FYI: I reported someone who groped me at the track last week to the police.

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Women Have to Do It Differently

But not because of their skills. Because of the way the rest of society perceives them.

A colleague of mine recently told me he got some computer science students to work for him for free this summer. I’ve interviewed interns before. I ended up with the worst unprofessional one who must have been desperate because nobody could’ve wanted to hire her. And she was a business major. But I won’t get into what she was like here.

Instead I’ll note that I can’t get interns, much less computer science majors. I’m not a cool 30 year old frat boy. There’s nothing less cool than working for a 42 year old married lady.

Which means I’ll have to turn this on its head. I’ll have to pitch to the few female CS majors that exist. Because 30 year old frat boys would never get them. And these poor young women will need all the role models they can get. They don’t know what’s waiting for them in the workforce: Budget Justified

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Time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming

Programming in Ruby on Rails. I’ve been away from the code while finishing up the printed book version of Budget Justified. Even converted it to Kindle & Nook format – which was much quicker and less tedious than I expected, took only seconds once I found the right buttons to click.

So, yesterday I rearranged CrowdPublish TV so that the authors’ livestreaming show will be on their home page. Of course, this isn’t implemented online yet. Just on my laptop. In fact, since I changed domain names, I need to fix my backup system. Right now, everything is still set to go to gurutapas.heroku.com. Which I don’t want to mess with because even though it’s not what I want, it’s working. And authors are still signing up there. I don’t want to replace it with my broken experimental code.

So hang tight, I’ll have something better working soon for all you indie authors and fans to try out.

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This is a Test of the Goodreads Broadcast System

I just linked my Goodreads account http://goodreads.com/CrowdPublishTV to my blog. I thought commenting on Goodreads would update my blog, but perhaps it’s the other way around.

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Here’s all my current Social Media info… for today

I won’t guarantee that it won’t change tomorrow. It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I’d forgotten my username and password.

Let’s put the important stuff first:

and of course http://CrowdPublish.TV

Over the past month I’ve updated all my social media accounts so that I have a main Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube site, Ustream account, Second Life avatar, blog and now Goodreads and Pinterest that all have the same message and logo instead of being a mishmash of experimental pages and characters.

I recently added a new Goodreads ‘character.’ I’ve been friending a bunch of authors with my Facebook profile for Tim, one of the characters from my creative nonfiction book Budget Justified: The Waste Fraud and Abuse of Government Workers. They wanted to friend me on Goodreads too but couldn’t find Tim there. That’s because I was on Goodreads as Lisa. Silly me.

All these social media accounts are getting a bit ridiculous. At least they all talk to each other, but I see this as a bureaucracy of the future.

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I brought my friend in San Francisco to an event in Washington. While my friend was in his house

I carry my friends in my iPad

Over the weekend I tried an experiment with virtual presence. Soon we will be making friends over the internet, integrating them into our lives in spite of the physical distance between us. In fact, I’m doing that now.

I met a friend in an online forum several months ago. We have mutual online friends, but since we don’t see each other in person, we know things about our mutual lives only by what we say or see on Facebook. So I wanted to try introducing him to my offline friends.

I went to a programmers conference and since we had WiFi, I initiated a Facetime call on my iPad. He could hear and see video of what was being discussed at the conference. I could introduce him to my friends by showing them video of each other on my screen and they were able to greet each other.

I think it went well. It wasn’t as high fidelity as in person, but it was fun to introduce everyone to my friend who lives in my iPad.

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