The Future of Empowerment is Your Story

In the future, we will have too many humans overpopulating the earth, resulting in the cessation of requests for grandchildren from nosy in-laws. Women will realize that children are not inevitable, freeing them to engage in creative non-mommy communities and spend their mental energies on entrepreneurial endeavors rather than on managing food and dirt.

Nanny Employers/Big Corporations will be eliminated as people develop entrepreneurial teams with competent colleagues. Technology will enable small teams to collaborate with each other and with other small teams without the administrative overhead of Nanny Employer.

Several of these teams will research and document the analogies between health insurance & taxes (forms of payment), and medical care & public education (societal necessities), then create a system where everyone gets adequate health care regardless of income. Thus eliminating the need for Nanny Employer to provide health ‘insurance.’ This may spawn a new form of ‘bottom-up government’ that overtakes and eventually abolishes Congress, the Executive Branch, and federal employees since the current system of Big Government and Big Corporation is woefully inefficient.

People in locations all over the world will gather in meetings as holograms, similar to meeting in person today. They will write white papers or books and give talks in these meetings to establish their expertise, recruit collaborators, and teach about their products. If nobody else creates the hologram meetings, I’ll do it. I’m already creating CrowdPublish.TV (the Future of Empowerment is Your Story (c)) to facilitate livestreaming talks while selling books.

When we work on our own self-organized groups, we’ll have the flexibility to work from wherever w‚Äče want, whenever we want, communicating and collaborating through technology. This is not so we can hide women away in the home with children while the men go out and participate in society. This is so the men can stay home with children (if there are any to stay home with) so women can go out and participate in society.

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