Women Have to Do It Differently

But not because of their skills. Because of the way the rest of society perceives them.

A colleague of mine recently told me he got some computer science students to work for him for free this summer. I’ve interviewed interns before. I ended up with the worst unprofessional one who must have been desperate because nobody could’ve wanted to hire her. And she was a business major. But I won’t get into what she was like here.

Instead I’ll note that I can’t get interns, much less computer science majors. I’m not a cool 30 year old frat boy. There’s nothing less cool than working for a 42 year old married lady.

Which means I’ll have to turn this on its head. I’ll have to pitch to the few female CS majors that exist. Because 30 year old frat boys would never get them. And these poor young women will need all the role models they can get. They don’t know what’s waiting for them in the workforce: Budget Justified

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