When women hide their online presence, the Terrorists/Stalkers win

This is an issue that came up last week in an athletic group I coach. One of the women didn’t want her name listed in the results on the web for fear of stalkers (I think fear of a particular stalker she has problems with, not just stalking that hasn’t happened yet). I don’t believe her reclusive behavior is the solution. When women hide, the terrorists/stalkers win. I’ve had my own web site since 1995, when I became a PhD student. What a career killer it must be to not have a LinkedIn page, not have your name on any technical publications, not allow yourself to be recognized as knowledgeable in your field on any professional association sites (this month’s talk will be given by Anonymous…).

My hypothesis is that many women hide themselves professionally for fear of stalking or assault. I hope someone does a study on that. And their fear is not unwarranted. I’m an outspoken professional in my community and either in spite of or because of that, I have been sexually assaulted in the workplace (BudgetJustified.com). Imagine if Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Carli Fiorini, Meg Whitman, etc. hid themselves from the public eye. If (when?) I ever get a stalker who is that bad, I’ll run for POTUS, I don’t care what party. I’d get a security detail, plus shine a light on the problem of women’s safety in society.

FYI: I reported someone who groped me at the track last week to the police.

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