Time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming

Programming in Ruby on Rails. I’ve been away from the code while finishing up the printed book version of Budget Justified. Even converted it to Kindle & Nook format – which was much quicker and less tedious than I expected, took only seconds once I found the right buttons to click.

So, yesterday I rearranged CrowdPublish TV so that the authors’ livestreaming show will be on their home page. Of course, this isn’t implemented online yet. Just on my laptop. In fact, since I changed domain names, I need to fix my backup system. Right now, everything is still set to go to gurutapas.heroku.com. Which I don’t want to mess with because even though it’s not what I want, it’s working. And authors are still signing up there. I don’t want to replace it with my broken experimental code.

So hang tight, I’ll have something better working soon for all you indie authors and fans to try out.

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