Here’s all my current Social Media info… for today

I won’t guarantee that it won’t change tomorrow. It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I’d forgotten my username and password.

Let’s put the important stuff first:

and of course http://CrowdPublish.TV

Over the past month I’ve updated all my social media accounts so that I have a main Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube site, Ustream account, Second Life avatar, blog and now Goodreads and Pinterest that all have the same message and logo instead of being a mishmash of experimental pages and characters.

I recently added a new Goodreads ‘character.’ I’ve been friending a bunch of authors with my Facebook profile for Tim, one of the characters from my creative nonfiction book Budget Justified: The Waste Fraud and Abuse of Government Workers. They wanted to friend me on Goodreads too but couldn’t find Tim there. That’s because I was on Goodreads as Lisa. Silly me.

All these social media accounts are getting a bit ridiculous. At least they all talk to each other, but I see this as a bureaucracy of the future.

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