I have a case of Writers Diarrhea

People often complain of having ‘writers block.’ I have never had this problem. I have what I call ‘Writers Diarrhea.’ Lots and lots of crap just keeps flowing out of me. At some point I clean it all up, it takes many passes to clean, but that doesn’t stop more stuff from coming out.

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2 Responses to I have a case of Writers Diarrhea

  1. Try Schiff Digestive Advantage- its a probiotic with something called Ganeden. (Its label says Intensive Bowel Support- It’s worked great for me-amongother things it works for occasional diarrhea if you desire try using it regularly for a while. It’s about $7.37 or so at Wally World. sometimes they have a even stronger variety which costs in the $12. something range. There are other products, but they are really expensive and this one, so reasonably priced works fine for me! You might use a bit of over-the- counter lomotil- (anti -diarrheal). You can get generic (Loperamide- Hydrochloride. I was quite sick for a while after spinal surgery for some reason ( I think it was years of pain killers,etc) and gradually I got back to normal. One thing that helped me regain strength I think is Jewish penicillin. I have faith in that. See a doctor if you have serious problems. I am just speaking of my own experience, quite possibly different from yours. My wife just mentioned Sulfasalzine sometime used for Chrohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis. You will need to see a doctor for diagnosis I would recommend, but when we talk to doctor’s my opinion is, we should not fear speaking out for only you know your body and can best descibe what you are feeling experiencing- you must communicate with professionals! They have years of training and experience and are your best bet for medical issues, of course.

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