My upcoming talk at IgniteDC

I had to answer a few questions for Geoff Livingston’s blog, so I’m sharing them here:

Q: Why did you choose your session topic?
The night before I submitted my topic, I organized an event about the Future of Books. A Fairfax County librarian talked about how ebooks are affecting libraries. I was furious when I heard that publishers backcharge libraries for books already purchased after the books become more popular. Some library systems are suing publishers over this.

Q: Why should attendees be excited to hear this?
The role of libraries in our society is changing. Although much of what libraries have offered in the past is now online, libraries are still wonderful meeting places to talk about current events, our community, writing, reading, learning. The Future of Books will not undermine libraries. We will embrace libraries.

Q: Tell us what you do professionally?
Chief Futurist of RoleModel Enterprises. Developing an online platform where authors host online book talks and clubs and booklovers socialize. hosts free web sites for booklovers and authors.
I run the Future of Books meetup to discuss how technology affects the way we experience books and socialize through learning. I also write books about women in technology.

Q: What’s your big project/hope/thought for Spring?
Writing a proposal to create an online people-to-people library online writings and gatherings – so people in the US & Afghanistan can participate in each others’ stories. Figuring out who the right people are to help develop the technology and shape the community for this project.

You can see the answers for the other speakers at

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