Books will Set Us Free

I’m tired of hearing about job creation. As if They want us to think we are helpless waifs, waiting for The Man to save us. So They can have all the power and money.

In the future, we won’t need Job Creators to come save us. We’ll create our own damn jobs. We’ll hone a skill and meet people who are willing to pay someone with that skill to get a job done.

And we’ll be free to use that skill for many people, groups, projects. We won’t be beholden to one incompetent or greedy powermonger who is more concerned about making you feel unimportant than creating a useful product or service.

What does this have to do with the Future of Books? The more creative among us will be writing niche books to let others know about our skill sets and drum up business. A lot of people are already doing that. And they’ll pay people, whose skill is crafting books, people who are making writing jobs for themselves, to mold the book into something that will boost their careers.

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