I’m just not that into bars

Ocean of people

Tech Cocktail is the cool thing for 30 year olds to go to. It’s a bar full of 30 year old boys showing their cool web startups to other 30 year old boys who wish they were as cool.

What’s interesting is that when I was just out of college, the bigger the company you worked for, the cooler you were. I thought it was unoriginal of everyone to jump on the same employer bandwagon. Now it’s unoriginal to work for a startup.

When I arrived, everyone was standing around on the sidewalk. Standing around in a long line outside a night club is a sign that you’re at a place so cool that everybody’s there. When you’re 30.

(Although when I was in my 20’s – my crowd stopped going to clubs when I was 26 – clubs were surrounded by acres of parking lot. There were no passers-by to impress by making your customers stand outside in the cold. Or in the heat, in the case of Tempe.)

Inside, everyone was squashed so close together that I ended up wearing someone else’s nametag. The jokes that ensued were the highlight of the evening.

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