The FUTURIST magazine predictions for 2030

Patrick Tucker, Deputy Editor of The FUTURIST paints a bleak picture of linear trends of energy consumption versus availability. However, there are solutions - alternative energy sources.

I was pleased with the venue. I had reserved a room at the MLK library in DC. The confirmation included a picture of an empty room with linoleum floor and a block wall. It said they didn’t guarantee there would be chairs.

Not only were there chairs, but we were in a remodeled section that had huge windows facing the street. As people walked by, they could look in and see the presentation slides.

After Patick’s marvelous talk, I led a roundtable disscussion about the future of books – whatever “books” might be. That was more fun than I had expected. I wasn’t sure what people would do or say. It didn’t follow the format I had planned, but I’ll have to hold more of those sessions.

A homeless person had been watching us from outside the large window. At one point he came in and grabbed some fliers about sign language from a nearby table. I think he was just curious about what was going on. It made me reflect on how good it is to have access to society and resources. Not everyone can walk into a room of well dressed people and be able to get useful information or make important connections.

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