Feminist Futurist

I sat in on a webinar from a guy who was kind of a sham. It was actually a sales pitch to entice people to pay him probably a whole lot of money to ‘set up their business.’ All he was going to do was some simple web development, then get them to sell his friends’ very expensive scams online.
Anyway, it made me think about who is my audience and what exactly is my niche as a futurist. Anyone can be a ‘futurist.’ You don’t even have to be involved in technology to call yourself that. It could mean that you’re working toward the future of education, politics, or anything else.
My goal is to focus on how the future affects creative small businesses and women. Some of the underdogs. I could focus on other underdogs, such as minorities or gays, but while I sympathize with them, I don’t really represent them.
And hopefully this will help people stop thinking that I want to create cutesy little stories for little girls about women who do math. There’s nothing cutesy about what women engineers put up with. When I say RoleModels, I mean that we don’t have to be the barefoot and pregnant waifs society still tells us to be.

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  1. I love whenever you discuss this kind of stuff in your weblog. Possibly would you continue doing this?

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