Biz Stone, Twitter cofounder, speaks at USConverge launch in DC


iStrategy, a tech PR firm run by Joe and Peter Corbett, put on a party for the launch of USConverge, a nonprofit that gets for-profit and nonprofit tech organizations to work together. Other than that, I have no idea what they do. Perhaps they don’t know yet either.

I’m not quite sure what iStrategy does either. I used to think that they developed technology. But after looking at their web site, I think they just put on tech events, like TechCocktail. Peter told me it costs $15,000 to get a venue in Washington that seats a thousand people.

Peter was talking to Jen Consalvo of TechCocktail when I arrived. I chatted with them a little. Jen told me about Lean Startups, a meetup group in DC where entrepreneurs critique new startups. I tried joining the group, but they rejected me. Eh, I’m in too many meetup groups already.

I met Rob Pegoraro, the tech reporter at the Washington Post. He was also at the Online News Association event last night, but I didn’t know what he looked like, and didn’t bump into him. Rob said his wife used to be a member of the Society of Women Engineers. She’s a manager at a big government contractor.

Marta Urquilla was the only female speaker at the launch. She advises President Obama on using social media. She talked about crowdsourcing technology solutions.

Biz Stone, the founder of Twitter was there. Lots of young people flocked around him like sheep after the talk. Supposedly it only took him two weeks to write the prototype for Twitter. It’s such a stupid little program, I would have been disappointed if it took him any longer. The impressive part about Twitter isn’t lists of 140 character texts. It’s the ability to link to other sites to spread a word-bite ad or concept. Micro-ads. That anyone can put out there whether they are a company or just have something brief to say.

If Biz can write up a stupid software, and have it become popular, I should be able to create something much better. Ever since Microsoft Word, I’ve been wishing I could come up with a ubiquitous software. Something that everyone would want.

Then it hit me. I have to create the site that allows not just me, but anyone to do something that I’ve been trying to kludge for my own site. So now I need to do a real job on it, not my kludgy garbage. But I won’t tell you what that is until you can play or do business with it too.

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2 Responses to Biz Stone, Twitter cofounder, speaks at USConverge launch in DC

  1. Jen Consalvo says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the mention. Just to clarify:
    – Tech Cocktail ( is a media company based in the DC area.
    – iStrategy Labs is a creative agency based in DC.

    Tech Cocktail and iStrategy Labs partner together on various projects such as DCWEEK, but we are independent companies.

    The DC Lean Startup Circle is another group that meets up once a month to share experiences around building a new startup. DC Tech Meetup is a more broad monthly meetup that encourages anyone interested in tech to meetup for conversation.


  2. Appreciated the share!

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