Looking like I'm not an artist

I went to and Salon Contra at Philippa Hughes’s condo. I was interested in that event because I’d like to throw similar parties at my place. Although I don’t live in DC. So it would be a different crowd. And her place was crowded.

Two guys, Eric Rubin and Sariel Lehyani, did some off the wall skits, like talking with their heads in the oven and becoming Latin lovers when they put on a robe and going through the audience feeling their friends’ heads. It was hilarious. You never knew what to expect.

The interesting part was that Sariel said he likes to question society’s view on gender roles. One audience member said she thought they were playing gay characters. I said I thought of his characters as gender neutral. Their characters weren’t making a point of being specifically gay. They were just not being specifically male or female, but a little of both in each character.

I talked a lot with a lawyer who told me about GregsListDC.com. They post cool things going on in DC.

It seems to me that most of the people who attend Philippa’s art events are not artists themselves (which is true of any art gallery audience). Or maybe I just end up talking to the nonartists because I don’t ‘look’ like an artist.

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