Reading is (not really) Sexy kindle party

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I went to a kindle party at the Soundry, near my house in Vienna. My friend The Other Lisa, along with seven other women, read from ebooks they had published.

The Soundry is located in a former auto shop along the W&OD trail, so I’ve been running past it several times a week for the past couple of years since it opened. The logo is black and the garage door is painted with a graffiti mural. Oftentimes there is loud metal music blaring out to the runners and bicyclers on the trail. I had thought it was some kind of goth club or biker bar for the auto mechanics.

Well, the goth club concept wasn’t too far off. Although, it’s not a dance club, nor a bar. The front room is a coffee shop. In back, there are artist studios. And if you go all the way around, there’s a music rehearsal room that doubles as an event hall, which is where the kindle reading took place. It’s sort of like a Jammin Java or a Bus Boys & Poets.

The nice thing about going to an event in Vienna is that it doesn’t take an hour, dragging myself through snow and the metro system, to get there. Thus my husband was willing to come with me. I’m glad he came, so he could see what I mean when I talk about a hangout business.

Jennifer Crawford, owner of the Soundry, streamed the event over the internet and fielded questions from the internet audience. She introduced each of the eight authors and their work:

Tonya Plank Swallow
Lisa Leibow Double Out And Back
Laverne Thompson- Living on the Edge
Misha Crews Still Waters and Homesong
Karen Cantwell Take the Monkeys and Run
Dorothy Hassan Not One of Us
Cathy Wiley Dead to Writes
L.B. Gschwandtner The Naked Gardner

I didn’t figured out why the gardener wanted to be naked. Sort of like mud wrestling alone.

Three of the authors were lawyers. Like myself, Tonya Plank “operates in the realm of logic.” Lisa Leibow describes herself as a “recovering lawyer.” If that’s the case, I suppose I could describe myself as a “recovering engineer.” Maybe more so, since I’m not aware of any of her former coworkers masturbating in front of her resulting in her termination.

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