Work It Girl – business fair at Hilton in Bethesda

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Pink Dot Concepts put on ‘Work It Girl,’ a business fair, at the Hilton Garden Inn Bethesda. Several companies hocked their wares at tables.

I attended most of the workshops. Jaylin Bailey, from Maryland Home Business Expo, gave us 10 steps for starting a business. They included research, training, finances, and several legal issues.
Monica Montgomery was fun and energetic. She did a great job of engaging the audience by asking questions. We went around the room and everyone gave their ten second elevator speech. She told us about the magazine she publishes and her work with charity organizations.

Monica gave us the 6 M’s for networking: moxie, message, memorable, motivation, momentum, and mentors. She also gave us ideas for partnering with charities for cause marketing. Over the past ten years, she’s built a list of thirty thousand email addresses from all the people she’s met at networking events.

Gail Diggs talked about 7 low cost marketing tips, emphasizing the importance of social media. She used to hate Twitter, “I thought it was silly. That it was for people who had nothing better to do,” but now sees it as a way to stay in contact with customers.

Angela Macarthy closed the workshops with a motivational speech and engaged the audience with questions. I liked her idea of creating a poster with images for what you want your life to be like one week to one decade out. She keeps her poster on the bathroom mirror. That way not only does she look at it every morning, but her kids and husband do too.

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