in Search of: the Arrived Future of Media

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Media Future Now put on a panel discussion about search engines, how they have evolved in the past and continue to evolve.

On my way to the talk, I spotted a metro employee decorating a station for Christmas. So I took some video and posted it as the opening for my video. Then I saw an article about the decorations in the Washington Post. That’s how I found out the name of the woman putting up the ornaments.

Vanessa Fox, Beth Shankle, Geoff Livingston, and Ron Goodstein were on the search panel. Er, the panel that talked about search.

Vanessa came out from Seattle. She used to work for Google and wrote a book, Marketing in the Age of Google. Later in the evening, she held a book signing at Big Window Labs.

Beth is Research Director at the National Press Club. She gives classes on social media tools. The classes are open to the public. Check out for more information about her classes.

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