Women Meet in a Library Named After a Man

The AAUW branches of Northern Virginia had their annual joint meeting at Richard Byrd Library in Springfield, a facility named after a man.

Dr. Lori Ann Roth, director of training and development at George Mason University, gave a seminar about working with difficult people. I got the impression that the main point was to try to empathize with the person you’re dealing with. They may have a reason for being difficult.

The principles Dr. Roth discussed seemed to be applicable to somewhat difficult people, but she admitted that working with seriously dysfunctional hostile people, or bullies, required a whole different set of tactics. This seems to be the type I more frequently run across.

The national AAUW convention will be in Washington, DC, next summer, so Theresa Merkel, the local arrangements chair, updated us on the planning activities. She also hoped to wrangle a few of us into volunteering to help out.
Then a member of each of the Northern Virginia branches verbally tweeted the latest news about branch activities. To close the meeting, each local branch said a blurb about what they were up to.

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  2. Uh, yeah. How to meet women. That’s what this is about. You can really tell that the spammer took the time to read this post.

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