Media Future Now: the Influence of Online Video

Media Future Now organized a presentation at the Daily Caller offices. Chris Brown gave a dynamic talk about the influence of online video. Take a look at the video below.

Media Future Now is a monthly gathering of DC professionals focused on finding ways to keep media-centric businesses agile, innovative and future-focused. The Daily Caller is Tucker Carlson’s online news venture. Their spin tends to favor conservative viewpoints, but not through extremism.

A lot of Chris Brown’s main points were similar to advice I’ve heard before: make it authentic and make your audience feel like you’re talking just for them. Chris’s value added were the interesting anecdotes, told well. Although my former-stats-professor self would also like to know about the studies that quantify the results, Chris’s talk was great for giving people ideas for how to craft their own media message.

I asked Shana Glickfield, one of the organizers for Media Future Now, to say a few words about the presentation. I was impressed at how well she summarized the important points when I put her on the spot.

Seems as though all the presenters at the events I go to are white men. I’m disappointed at the way most of the women demure or walk away when I ask them to say a few words. The men don’t react at all when I bring out my camera. What are the implications of this?


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