DC Media Makers meetup at NPR headquarters – Open Source maps

On the fourth Wednesday of each month, DC Media Makers holds a meeting at NPR headquarters to discuss various techie media projects. This month’s DC Media Makers event was a presentation by Ian Cairnes and Robert Soden from Development Seed, a nonprofit that helps international development organizations with open source technology. Ian and Robert talked about their online mapping applications.

Ian showed us how their mapping software has helped analyze the election in Haiti. Robert talked about Open Street Map, where users created a map of Haiti.
Some of the audience members mentioned a previous event where several people gathered to test out Open Street Map to create a map of the National Zoo by using GPS with their cell phones.

The next DC Media Makers meetup will be at NPR headquarters at 6:30pm on Wednesday, October 20.

As I walked out of NPR, I noticed a little scratch in the sidewalk that said “I love NPR.” I wondered if someone who worked at NPR had written that. It occurred to me that it’s such a foreign concept to me to love your employer. At most of the jobs I’ve ever had, the employer was the foolish enemy who had no regard for its employees or their work. But I can imagine that most of the people working at NPR believe in what they’re doing and feel that their colleagues value their contribution.

I posted a 2 minute news clip of this event at [tube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPn2Zp-AGac[/tube]

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