Meetup in person to talk about virtual social media applications

I went to a CareerSocial meetup run by Paul Worsham. We discussed the usual Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I told them I was building a theater in Second Life to show clips from my movie, Budget Justified. Second Life is rarely discussed in social media forums. But when I bring it up, it seems that many people play in Second Life socially.

Another new social technology tool that was mentioned was Four square. I had never heard of it before. Probably because it’s for fancy phones, which I don’t have. One guy even mentioned Meetup as a social media application.

One of the guys there had an iPad, so I got to see how that worked. When my laptop gets old, I might want something like an iPad, but I’d probably rather have a small laptop. That’s at least a year away, so I may want something that’s not even available yet.

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