Virginia Film Alliance trailer showing for Budget Justified

I went to the Virginia Film Alliance annual networking event in Northern Virginia. I had a spot at a table to display the trailer of Budget Justified.

I told several people that I was creating a theater within an online game to show my movie clips, build a fan base, and experiment with a role playing game about Budget Justified where people can pretend to be the overbearing boss, the lazy coworker, the shy coworker, the guy who tries to get sex in the office, etc. One guy said, “You should try Second Life.” Well, that happened to be the game that I was referring to. We exchanged user names, so I plan to show him my Second Life movie theater next time we’re online together.

A lot of people said they’d check my web site to watch the trailer. We’ll see if anyone checks the web site. But will anyone tell their friends about the web site?

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