The Pom Line is dancing to the beat of a different drum

I went to a talk given by Kurt Klaus, an entertainment attorney. I hadn’t been to one in awhile because I haven’t found any other new talks that I hadn’t already been to.

I learned a few new things that I hadn’t already heard, such as problems with using footage of book covers, different kinds of production insurance, and that it’s more than likely not a problem to have wallpaper that somebody designed in the background. And if you want to use a popular song in your movie, you’ll probably have to pay several different parties a total of more that forty thousand dollars for the rights to use the song for ten years.

That means that for my high school movie, I’ll have the pom line do the pom routine I learned in high school, but dub in different music later. It’ll look bad, but that will be more realistic. Because our pom line wasn’t very good.

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