Lisa Scoops the Washington Post

On Saturday I gave a talk at the Podcasters Alliance meetup about Budget Justified. I showed the trailer and the first episode. I was pretty upbeat during the talk and it seemed like I held their attention.

For the most part, the audience was friendly, although the guy who always says that the video clips didn’t make him want to see more said so to me also. I told him that he probably wasn’t my intended audience.

In fact, I didn’t think most of them would be too receptive to my topic – yet another woman complaining that men are pigs. But I didn’t make that the focus of my talk and the tone was not whiny. I even said that the movie was more about how the management treated everyone poorly.

I mentioned a few of the things I’ve been doing in Second Life. Then the Washington Post had an article about making money in Second Life on the front page Monday morning. I mentioned it before the Post does – makes it look like I’m on top of my game.

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