Panel of White Men talk about online news

Tonight I went to the Online News Association meetup. A panel of white men talked about how the news associations they worked for were adapting to doing business online.
A friend of mine, Beau Dure, was the original blogger, tweeter, and facebook guy for (Right now he’s in Vancouver covering the Olympics.) One of his colleagues, Howard Kamen, was on the panel. Social media wasn’t mentioned during tonight’s discussion, although that’s a very relevant topic to online news.
There were two other events going on that I could have attended, however it was enough of a pain to get to this meeting that I didn’t want to bother waiting for a bus or walking over a mile to get to another event.
I’m glad I stayed because the socializing after the panel was great. I talked to Katie Kemple, an NPR journalist that I often see at various social media events, and to a guy who was a journalist for an English newspaper in Taiwan for several years. And I ate cheese and crackers and shrimp.

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