Eight Hours to Bond

I went to talk to a business consultant at the Fairfax Small Business Development Center. I’ve gone to the Fairfax SBDC a few times for consultations. Every once in a while I get a call from them asking if I need advice. Eh, why not.

The advice I usually get from them is quite generic and moderately useful. This session’s advice was a little better than what I got out of the other sessions. This was the first time I was assigned to speak to a female counselor.

The main point of her advice was about branding, although she didn’t say much about it that I didn’t already know. Mostly she talked about the fact that I should have a brand. Hello…feature smart women in new/social media. Without excluding the men, of course. No use in preaching only to the choir.

The counselor also suggested establishing an online presence in the game Second Life. I played with that a little over the weekend, although I’m not very impressed with it so far. She also suggested speaking to the local Women In Technology group.

The best part of our conversation was when we talked about building communities. I compared it to when I was teaching classes and to the youth group activities I help out with at my church. She said that it takes eight hours of working on something together to form a bond with other people.

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