NPR and Fox News harassed for taking pictures in public

I went to the monthly Media Makers meetup at NPR headquarters, and tweeted a few responses to the conversation at #dcmm. Jen Consalvo, a photographer, talked about her upcoming book, but mostly about digital photography techniques.
Jen asked us what we disliked most about our pictures. Me, well, my husband likes to take pictures much more than I do. This results in my ownership of multiple pictures of traffic signs. I do not want pictures of traffic signs. I want pictures of people. People I know. And not these posed fabrications with fake smiles. I want real people doing real things in real settings.
My favorite story of the meeting was from Andy Carvin, NPR’s Social Media guy, who was threatened to be arrested by private security guards at Union Station for taking pictures, in spite of his press pass.
Fox News got a hold of Andy’s real-time tweets and went to Union Station themselves. Camera rolling, they interviewed management about their policy on people taking photographs. They insisted they were totally OK with it. Until security came in and harassed Fox News on camera, insisting they leave or get arrested. This resulted in a congressional hearing on first amendment rights

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