It takes a Ph.D. in industrial engineering

Thanks to Eric Borgen and reCAPTCHA, my blog spam problem is solved. ReCAPTCHA is a manual word-entering system that helps digitize books and newspapers for online use. Eric Borgen is a bipedal primate, not to be confused with Borg, a collective of cybernetic organisms on Star Trek.

When blog sites used reCAPTCHA, humans enter two words of scanned text. One word has already been verified by humans. The other is a new word that needs to be manually decoded. If the human gets the verified word right, she gets to have her comment posted on my blog, and the new word is saved in the electronic file for the book or newspaper. Damn clever idea.

Now if I could only figure out my multiple posting issue… I successfully unlinked twitter, however I still get 3 entries on Facebook every time I post.

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