White Male Engineer Panelist discusses pregnant wife at sitting around at home

I went to an entrepreneur talk put on by the Engineering College at George Washington University. It was way more fabulous than I expected. Awesome fancy hors d’oerves, excellent speakers.
There were three semi-white male panelists. One was American, the other two had some Middle Eastern background. They had interesting stories about how they started their companies. Well, I found the stories interesting, probably because they were relevant to me and I like to compare how people develop new companies. However the student next to me fell asleep.
The entrepreneur panelist I found most relevant was Elias Sham who founded telezoo.com, a B2B social networking site, in 1999. He was also on the board of Searchles, another social media company, and runs a blog http://www.awesomedc.com which is about the real people of DC, not the politicians. I relate to that mission. When I was on the board of the local Society of Women Engineers section, I used to write letters to various media outlets commending them whenever they wrote about engineers, making the point that engineers are a huge part of what makes DC tick.
Unfortunately, the panelist story that stuck out for me was when the white guy made a point about how hard it is to start a company when the wife is at home and pregnant. Hello? Who is your audience? Why is your wife sitting around at home? I felt like to him, my presence in the audience was nonexistent, that he was commiserating with the boys, and I was merely an interloper.
Of course to the men, I’m sure they didn’t think twice about it. Instead they probably thought it was more unusual that women were there.

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