Blog Comment Spam

I recently read something from one of the self-proclaimed social media gurus that said bloggers should allow comments to post immediately, so that people feel more free to participate on the blog. This seemed like a good idea, because sometimes when I commented on blogs or news sites and my comment doesn’t appear immediately, I assume that the transmission didn’t make it through. So I post again, only to find my comment posted multiple times.

Thus I removed the annoying restriction that I must approve comments before they get posted. I didn’t like getting an email every time someone posted a comment anyway.

The result was much more annoying than deleting the occasional polite, but irrelevant spam comment from my blog. I was suddenly innundated with spam comments.

I just changed my comments option back to “moderated.” I just hope those settings work better than when I unlinked twitter from posting to facebook. Or at least I thought I unlinked them.

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