What is the Definition of “Work” or of “Job?”

I grapple with the definition of work lately because I’m still in the startup phase of building my business and I’m creating my product on spec. So I have no boss, I’m not accountable to anyone for what I work on, I completely decide what I need to do and when. And since it’s a total spec project, nobody pays me anything.

Is that a “job?” I think many people would call what I do a “hobby.” But I don’t. Sure, it’s something I do because I want to work on it, but my project is intended to be the foundation of future business projects and efforts.

Yeah, maybe most people don’t understand exactly what in the hell I’m up to. That’s OK. They don’t need to. Just buy my damn movie and book. Then watch to see where I’m going from there. http://BudgetJustified.com

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