And you thought I did it for the glamor of it

I broke my plastic-framed glasses a few months ago. I had been getting by with superglue, but decided it was time to get a new pair, since after all, it had been four years since I had gotten new glasses.

I went to the eye doctor on Friday and got my eyes examined. Strangely, my eyes have actually improved over the past four years, so my new prescription is weaker. The frame style is no longer manufactured, so I had to pick out a whole new style. I was bummed that they didn’t have any glasses that were as cool as the ones that broke. They only had boring, normal frames. I wanted purple, but the best frames I found were a shiny metallic burgundy with a cute carved design on the sides.

The glasses seller asked me if I wanted a special coating. What’s the point of the special coating? “All the TV stars get this coating.” Uh, why would I care if TV stars get coating? Well, it turns out that it prevents lights from reflecting off the glasses and showing a big white glare in the lenses. My mother-in-law complained about that glare when she took my picture at Thanksgiving and made me take my glasses off for the pictures. In Budget Justified (, there is an occasional reflection of the lights off my glasses. The glasses seller showed me a lens with the coating and compared it to a lens without the coating. Sure enough, the coating made the light reflection a muted, dull blue and the lens without the coating reflected bright white light.

Sold! I bought the coating.

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