@#$%^&*#! Broken glasses!

I broke my glasses a few months ago. I guess I need to get some new ones – these are almost 4 years old already. But I usually buy new glasses about every 10 years.

The glasses broke right across the nose. I’ve been supergluing them together because that’s better than wrapping them in duct tape. And it’s been working quite well for the most part. I’ve only re-broken them twice in the past few months. The main problem is gluing them together crooked, which causes weird vision effects because I end up looking through each lens at a different angle.

So what’s broken glasses have to do with Budget Justified? Well, in Budget Justified, I’m wearing these glasses. Take a look at http://BudgetJustified.com They’re quite cool pink glasses, which I bought long before Sarah Palin made them cool. I wanted to reshoot some footage of me talking to the camera in my kitchen. But I have to be wearing the right glasses – without duct tape – in order for that to work.

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