Dead with Livestream

I tried playing around with Livestream last night. I used to use Stickam for live broadcasts. They have a nice feature which allows up to six viewers to participate with video. Except that sometimes turns out to be not so nice. Some people think it’s appropriate to show up naked in those screens.

I had heard at one of the DC Media Makers events that Livestream is better than UStream, so I though I’d try it out. I asked what criteria were used to determine which was “better,” however I don’t remember exactly what those criteria were. I think reliability was the main criterion.

After a little struggle getting things going, I finally broadcast something live on Livestream last night. Unfortunately, nobody dropped in. I used to get several people viewing my Stickam broadcast, and a couple of people stumbled across UStream when I tried that out, but with Livestream, I got nothing. Maybe it was because it was my first time trying it out and I didn’t have much to say.

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2 Responses to Dead with Livestream

  1. Alan says:

    You can easily shut the side cameras off on Stickam, or set it that you pre-approve anyone who starts a stream. This gives you the best of both worlds!

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