Reasonable Comments. Finally.

I’ve had my blog hosted on my own web site, as opposed to a blogger or wordpress site, for over a month now. According to my stats plugin, I get about 100 views on the days that I post an entry, and the trend is growing. So if I post an entry every day, I’ll get over 3000 views per month. Although, I have no idea if all those views are people, or if some are bots.

Some of the viewers are spammers. I’ve been getting a few spam comments each week. But I’m finally getting some real comments. Thank you, real people! Within the next few months, I’d like to make this blog, plus Facebook, Twitter, etc. into a more interactive forum. Let’s start with a question…

In the spirit of “Budget Justified” (, how many women out there have worked with, or know someone who worked with A Groper?

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