Startup Rockstars!

Last night I went to a Startup Rockstars event at the Affinity Lab in Adams Morgan. Several men talked about their new businesses. Last time I went to a Startup Rockstars talk, the most solid business model, with numbers to prove it, was presented by a young woman.
There were several interesting ideas discussed: A collaborative writing app, a news footage video-sharing platform, an activist website, a phone map app, and a creative, disorganized guy who did a lot of name-dropping. Actually, they all made beautiful, impressive presentations that made their ideas sound fancier than I described them. But I think that was all slick marketing. Regardless, I thought it was great that these guys were not only coming up with great ideas, but implementing them and creating their own businesses out of them.

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1 Response to Startup Rockstars!

  1. Thanks Kady for mentioning my blog post in your email!

    I always like attending these events. And writing snarky blog posts. Lately I’ve been seeing people I’ve met at Startup Rockstars at other events! I love hearing about everyone’s creative ideas.

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