DC Media Makers at NPR

Last night I went to the monthly DC Media Maker at NPR headquarters. Aram Zucker-Scharff, a very nice young man whom I met at a previous DC Media Makers event and works in George Mason University’s Social Media Center, gave one of the most useful presentations I’ve heard lately. He talked about all the free tools GMU’s Social Media Center uses to make good quality media.

The best tip I walked away with was that LiveStream.com is more reliable and has better quality than UStream.tv. I have had trouble with UStream not saving the first several minutes of footage that I webcasted live. I’ll have to try LiveStream to find out if I have better luck with it.

We had a surprise guest tonight. Jay Allison, from the “This I Believe” NPR show, was there to listen as an audience member, however Jill Foster asked him to say a few words about his program The Moth. The Moth is a live storytelling show where a random audience member is selected to tell his or her story. Allison wants to create a bigger web presence for The Moth. He says, “Radio/sound is the one story medium you can pay attention to AND do something else. We don’t have earlids.”

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