Bloggers Hang Out In Person

I went to a blogger happy hour tonight put on by DC Media Makers and Blog Potomac. It’s in conjunction with a conference going on tomorrow that I am not attending. I said hi to several people, including Jill Foster, founder of DC Media Makers, and Geoff Livingston, founder of Blog Potomac.
After I left that party, I went to Women In Film and Video’s monthly documentary round table. John Z. Wetmore, producer of Perils for Pedestrians, was there, along with Matt Radcliff, who was in charge of the roundtable. This month’s topic was documentaries for internet distribution. I only caught the very end. We talked about Fans, Friends, and Followers, by Scott Kirsner. The book is based on Kirsner’s experience selling his history book through the web.

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  1. Opemporeors says:

    Awesome .. really fantastic topic. I will write about it also.

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