Our Little Lives

My husband and I just got back home from the annual Virginia Section Institute of Transportation Engineers conference in Virginia Beach. I love walking along the beach, collecting cool rocks and seashells. – Pause for laughter while Randy makes fun of me for carrying thirteen pounds of rocks home in my luggage when we went to San Diego in March.

It amazes me how some of the shells arrive on shore glued together in groups by some type of calcium carbonate mixture. Nature’s concrete. How many more shell sculptures are out there in the vastness of the ocean?

Incase the ocean wasn’t vast enough, at the conference banquet we were encouraged to ponder the vastness of space. Our guest speaker was Donner Grigsby, a NASA engineer. He emphasized the point of how small the earth is, in comparison to the Milky Way suns NASA has studied.

The most interesting topic Grigsby discussed was that the moon contains enough of a helium 3 isotope to power the earth for the next trillion years. At 1/20th of the current cost of energy. And if China gets there first, they won’t let anyone else have a part of the moon.

Sounds like something NASA made up to justify its budget.

Even if it is true, I would think there would be serious consequences that nobody has thought of yet. Like with carbon dioxide, the gas mammals exhale. I would have never expected carbon dioxide to be a problem. But now scientists call it a Greenhouse Gas, blaming it for global warming. Perhaps we should cut down on the exploding population of a certain species of mammals. Doing so would probably reduce energy consumption also.

If we do harvest helium from the moon, I speculate that too many of these helium atoms will pervade the earth’s atmosphere. Then we’ll all sound like Minnie Mouse every time we breathe. The Disney Corporation must be behind this whole moon helium thing.

Unfortunately, Big Government, Big Business, and even Big Religion won’t admit what Big Science has known for years. The universe doesn’t revolve around them.

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